Curious Kids Learning Center: Wilkes-Barre Area Child Care and Early Education

Mission Statement

Curious Kids Learning Center aims to provide excellent early childhood education and care to all children and families in Wilkes-Barre and the surrounding area, regardless of social or economical backgrounds.  We want the children to be children while learning in a curriculum that is designed to provide them with the most beneficial center based age appropriate experiences.


The staff at Curious Kids Learning Center and the Co-Directors wish to welcome you and your child(ren).  We are happy to include your family in our center and we hope to make this a very rewarding and happy experience.

With your help and cooperation we hope to give your child(ren) an enriching and rewarding experience that will ensure their future success in their education.

Please feel free to speak with us at any time.  You should also take the time to get to know the individual staff members and familiarize yourself with our programs.


Thank you for choosing Curious Kids Learning Center for your early childhood education and child care needs.

Program Philosophy

Curious Kids Learning Center has a philosophy that believes children learn best when you provide a developmentally appropriate education set in a safe, happy, nurturing environment, based upon learning through play.  We work to promote the physical and mental health of the “Whole Child.”  We create structured activities and provide free play opportunities that are designed to develop social skills, creativity, morals and values that will provide them with a foundation for success as they progress through their educational experiences.

Partnerships with Families

Curious Kids Learning Center believes that to have a successful and enriching program we must have parent involvement.  Parents are after all their children’s first and most lasting teachers.  The center has several methods of involving and partnering with our families.

  1. Parent Surveys- these surveys will be handed out twice per year and will give families the opportunity to request information, make program suggestions, comment on our classroom environments, etc. The director will respond to all surveys and will organize parent trainings, discussions, handouts or group activities as a follow up procedure.
  2. Volunteer Opportunities- parents are always welcome and encouraged to come in and share a special tradition, aspect of a culture, language or special talent with a group. We ask that you discuss this first with your child’s teacher and they can help arrange a time that would best fit the activity and schedule.  Parents of school agers may also volunteer to assist on summer field trips.
  3. Parent Board- parents will be given the opportunity to act on a parent board. Some of the responsibilities of the board would include program enhancements, fundraising and special events.